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I enrolled in Moe Vara's Career Reset program ...
Orion Carrier

I enrolled in Moe Vara's Career Reset program shortly after a layoff from a highly specialized job. When starting the course, my biggest stumbling block was doubting ...

Orion Carrier, Victoria, Canada
It is with genuine pleasure that I recommend Moe Vara as a Career Coach
Bev Benwick (1)

It is with genuine pleasure that I recommend Moe Vara as a Career Coach and Facilitator of Leadership Programs. He is a trusted colleague whose thoughtful approach and...

Bev Benwick, CEO, R. W. Benwick Associates Ltd. and Founder of Advance Your Leadership
R. W. Benwick Associates
Moe is the consummate professional.

Moe is the consummate professional. I worked with him on several international webinars. …His performance on the webinars is stellar, too. He provides practical idea...

Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion Coach, PCM
The Career Passion Coach, PCM
I recently had the pleasure of working with Moe
Caroline Cameron

I recently had the pleasure of working with Moe to create an online program to help those who have suffered a set back in their career and aren't sure how to find the ...

Caroline Cameron, Executive Coach | Career Coach | Business Coach
Facilitator, Author and Motivational Speaker at P2R

Global Empowering Solutions

Message To Professionals in the Engineering & Construction Industry

Play Big Now & Go Global

When it comes to your career as an engineer, time is not on your side: every day, new college grads with endless enthusiasm are rising up the corporate ladder, chasing you. You need to play big to stay one step ahead of them. Procrastination and indecisiveness are your worst enemies.

On the other hand, if you’re dissatisfied with (or if I could say “hate”) your job, you simply won’t be motivated to do what it takes to keep your career moving forward. So, it may be time to take a leap of faith and find the job that is right for you and your long-term goals. Life is about much more than money, it’s about lifestyle, passion, and feeling fulfilled. Fortunately, you can have that and make great money too!

You know, Engineers/Architects/Planners and Construction industry professionals are needed and appreciated in any community. But those who are open to global opportunities can make a much bigger impact in people’s lives and demand top pay.

There are so many global engineering companies around the world that would pay top salaries to get you to work away from home. There are so many communities that need the technical know-how that engineers offer.

So, this could be your ticket to the lifestyle you desire.

Here are some questions for you:

  • 1. Do you want to be involved in large prestigious signature engineering project?
  • 2. Do you want to see the world?
  • 3. Do you want to make more money doing what you love as an engineer?
  • 4. Do you want to have a greater impact on the communities around you?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you are in the right place.

I’m Moe Vara, and I have empowered many engineering professionals just like you around the globe to play big and move into new careers that:

  1. 1. “Light Their Fire”.
  2. 2. Are lucrative.
  3. 3. Play To Their Strengths.
  4. 4. Make Them Feel Valued And Respected.

Whether you are someone who is working overseas or have worked overseas before or are excited at the possibility of working abroad and are looking for a solution to your current situation I can support you prepare and go after the possibilities that exist outside your home town, state and country. So, I can support you in taking your confidence, your personal strengths, and your skills to a whole new level and land the jobs you want.

So first things first, make sure you register for my free “Play Big & Go Global Planning Kit” by submitting your email address in the form to the upper right of this page. When you do, you’ll get instant access to my planning kit  that you’re going to find extremely helpful in taking your career to a whole new level.

Then I will share with you the details of a strategy session that is designed to give you the specific tools you need to go global with your career.

Don’t succumb to procrastination, apathy, or indecision. My mission is to empower you, so take the first step, register for the planning kit, and I’ll see you on the other side.