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Land the Expat Job of Your Dreams

If you want to learn how to Play Big and Go Global with you career as an engineer, architect, transport planner or construction industry professional, you are reading the right blog. If you want to learn how to “Land the Expat Job of Your Dreams” then you are definitely in the right place.  So what is an […]

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Vision For Your Business

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great day… As I said in my last blog about “Setting Up Your Own Practice” “The first item on the agenda must be your vision.” I asked if you had a clear vision. The answer to this, based on my personal experience, is typically “NO”. The people who […]

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Job Interviews

In today’s job market, some find it very difficult to get an interview for the job that they really love. So when they get the invitation for THE interview, they don’t want to go in to the interview unprepared. So, to be prepared, you have to ask yourself, what it is that this Client wants […]

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Setting Up Your Practice

When you feel it is time to set up your own practice, it is very easy to jump right in to taking immediate action and work on the small details before understanding the big picture. You can focus on your CV and/or produce an impressive portfolio to impress the reviewer. But the first item on […]

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Job Search and Your Mindset

Looking for a job in today’s job market can be quite a daunting task if you are not prepared. It can also be quite scary if you have not had to look for a job in decades.  In recent years many people have found themselves out of work. Their once secured jobs have vanished. So, […]

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Great Quotes

As a Career Management Coach I always like to give you food for thought. In this blog, I have attempted to summarize some of the great quotes shared by some of the great thinkers, inventors and engineers to help us get better clarity as to what should be done to manage our careers. Here is one: […]

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Unity In Diversity

I was recently talking to a senior Executive of an engineering firm about my background. He wanted to know where I was from. So, I told him that I grow up in the UK and that the UK had been home to me for nearly 35 years. But then I went on to say that […]

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Work Is Worship (Part II)

As you recall, I wrote the first part of this blog last week. In that blog I explored the impact of believing that “work was worship” on your career choice. In this blog I would like to talk about our behavior at work, if we truly believed that “work was equivalent to worship” If you […]

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Work is Worship – Part I

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the belief: “Work is worship”!  What if you believed that work was worship? I mean, what if you believed that working was equivalent to worshiping? How can that be? (you may ask). Well, to me, working in spirit of service to your community, the society at large […]

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Making Decisions

These days there are so many techniques that are offered by experts, specialists and gurus to attract what you want to your life or to receive inspiration about the tough decisions that you have to make in your life. So, which one is right? Which one do you follow? What should you do? How do you […]

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